My submission for Rebekah Postupak’s amazing blog – check her out – https://flashfriday.wordpress.com

“You can’t charge a baby with murder!”

“It killed my wife.”

“Benny, you aren’t thinking clearly. Lots of women die in childbirth. We certainly don’t punish the innocent babes for the natural process a woman has to go through.”

“But it killed my wife. She needs justice.”

“Hold the babe to your chest, you are his father. Don’t hold him out in front of you like you like you would one of your garden rakes.”

“I just…”

“That’s it, Benny. Hold him to your chest. Mary would have wanted you to love your son, not accuse him of murder. That’s it… support his head… now look into his eyes.”

“I see… Mary!”

“NO! Ben, how could you drop him? The baby is innocent! How could you? He’s bleeding. Call for the doctor!”

“It killed my wife.”

“I can’t feel his pulse.”

“Mary deserves justice.”

“Benny… I… ahem… Mr. Benedict Reynolds – you are under the arrest for murder in the first degree. How do you plead?”