Cloudy Below

The day it all began, the sky became the ground and the ground became the sky. It was a Tuesday. People stepped out of their houses onto Carolina blue Earth. Most looked bambified – walking like new born deer on unsteady legs, fearing each step on the blue Earth would not land on solid surface and they would fall forever into the ground. I myself was just standing and watching, not afraid to step but too amused at my surroundings to leave.

Dogs and small children alike were uneasy at first, expecting to see grassy lawns in their backyards; but after the initial shock they chased after billowing cumulus clouds underfoot like a moving game of hopscotch. Adults did not fare so well. One heavier lady fell over as a string of stratus clouds flowed beneath her feet, throwing off her balance and perception. Several others aided her and then all toppled over when another stratus cloud carpeted underneath them.

“Excuse me, sir?” I heard from behind me. “I hate to bother you but may I ask you a question?” I turned around and faced a thin man wearing dark sunglasses and a backpack. He was not looking at me but more so looking near me. In his hand he held a long white cane and was tapping the ground as he shuffled. His blind eyes did not perceive the oddities of the day.

“Not a bother at all,” I said, realizing I was just staring and had not actually answered him.

“Thank you. There seems to be something unusual going on. I keep hearing people shout and I’ve been walked into a dozen times. I know I am on the north side of Main Street just outside City Hall, fourteen steps from the fire hydrant up ahead on the left. I feel for once I am not the one confused?” he asked, still tapping the ground with his cane.

“Well…” How do you tell a blind man that the problem is the sky is green and the ground is blue? What is blue and green to a person who lives in darkness? “Well,” I started again, thinking there was no reason to alarm the man that the world was upside down. “People are just protesting the new tax bill. They are just not paying attention where they are going and being extra clumsy. It is not you by any means. I’m sorry people keep bumping into you and this could be going on a while all over town.”

“Ah! I forgot the bill was passed last night. Right here at City Hall I should have assumed,” he chuckled. “I’ll be sure to make an extra wide swing of my cane while this is going on. Have a wonderful day,” he said cheerfully and walked off, undisturbed by the collection of cirrus wisps knocking others to their knees. As he left I heard him distinctly whistling the chorus of Carole King’s hit, I Feel the Earth Move.



He dressed me in a maid outfit and stockings, all the while looking at a photo of a woman holding an umbrella and gas mask in the rain wearing a similar outfit. Once he was satisfied that I looked like the girl in the picture, he gently set it on the shelf and locked the bedroom door. As he used my body the storm grew fiercer and the widows rattled more violently than the fat rolls on his stomach. The glass broke. He jumped off the bed in alarm and bumped against the bookcase. I watched the bookcase fall on him. A moment passed and I peered over the edge of the bed. Blood oozed from a gash on his head. I felt the cold sting of wind and rain against my skin. I ripped up his cherished photo that had flown of the shelf and crawled out of the window. A stormy day had never looked so bright.

Shut Up So I Can Sing

St. Kilda

“Shut up, Stella! It’s your horrid singing that got us kicked out of Scotland.”

“Yes, it was my singing. Had nothing to do with the fact that that you broke into the mayor’s house?”

“I have half a mind to ask the judge to exile me alone instead of with my ‘loving’ wife! They’ll send you back to the mainland where you can bother other people with your cacophonous voice.”

“Charles, you didn’t used to mind my singing.”

“I didn’t used to mind you either but things change.”

“Yes they do. I married a gentleman and now I’m the wife of a criminal. Times certainly are different!”

“I never would’ve gotten caught, Stella, if you had warned me the police had arrived! You got distracted by some baby in a carriage! If you had warned me I would’ve gotten us enough money for us to leave Scotland.”

“Well, we’re out of Scotland. Happy? Now stop shouting so I can sing!”


500 word maximum
1.First sentence has to be: “I bought the [sunshine-yellow bug] because [Fred] said he’d rather be dead than caught [behind the wheel].”  (things inside the brackets can be altered)

2. Dialog Only
3. Include a magical element or mythical creature.  🙂


“I bought the charm because Fred said he’d rather be dead than caught being seen with me.”

“Ok and you said you bought it at Moxie’s Shop? And are you sure you don’t want to put your dog down while we talk so it’s not squirming so much?”

“Yes, Officer, I already told you that. Moxie’s sells the best charms, everyone knows that. And my dog loves being held, don’t you, shmooshy! Oops! No nipping!  Any more questions, Officer?”

“Ms. Andrews, what was the intended purpose of the charm you purchased?”

“I went in for a love charm – I know it’s silly and I’m seventeen and I’ve heard the lectures from my parents so don’t start – but Fred is the one! He is so strong and nice and dreamy…”

“Ms. Andrews. Please focus.”

“Sorry! So I went in for a love charm but on my way to Moxie’s I just kept getting more upset at Fred for what he said. And I know that people say hurtful things to their loved ones all the time whether they mean to or not.”

“Did you purchase an empathy charm instead so he would feel the pain of his words like you felt them?”

“What? No, why would you think that? I wanted to make it so he could never say those hurtful things again. If I put a love charm on him he could still hurt me with his words whether he meant to or not. Fred said he’d rather be caught dead than be seen with me. That is painful. But my love prevails! My loyalty will not…”

“Sit back down, Ms. Andrews and lower your voice. So there was no love or empathy charm? So what did you buy that turned this into a missing persons investigation? Where is Fred Pearson now? Does this charm you bought have anything to do with his disappearance?”

“Officer! Have you not been listening to a word I’ve said! OK let me try another way. Phew, this is exhausting. I bought a transfiguration charm from Moxie’s shop.”


“Yea, brilliant right? I thought about what could love me forever and never hurt me. Now do you see?”

“No. Ms. Andrews. What happened?”

“Ah you are so dense! I made Fred love me! He’s right in front of you, right here.”

“Fred is not here, it’s just officers, you, and Fred’s parents.”

“No, officer, literally, Fred is right here.”

“Transfiguration charm…unable to hurt you with words…oh my Hades! You turned Fred into a dog! That dog? The one in your lap?”

“Of course, it was the obvious solution! He loves me and can’t hurt me by telling me he wants to be away from me because I know he doesn’t mean it!”

“Ms. Andrews give me the dog.”


“Officer Thomas! Call Moxie’s and tell them that we need an anti-transfiguration charm or re-figuration charm or whatever she calls it. Ms. Andrews, you are under arrest for the dogification of Fred Pearson.”